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Pit Type Weighbridge Foundation ​

Pit Type
Weighbridge Foundation

“Measuronic” is a specially designed weighbridge with digital load cells. Use of pre-calibrated digital load cells enables fast installation, service support thus increasing overall productivity and reduction in downtime. Features of weighing, data processing, saving, printing makes it a stand-alone utility for public and industrial weighbridges. “MEASURONIC Weighbridge” is robust in nature to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It can operate reliably over a wide temperature range and also in humid weather.
Steel Platform Weigh Bridge

Hardware Features

  • 32 Bit ARM Processor
  • Front Mount 16×2 LCD Display & 1 inch LED display.
  • SMPS power supply.
  • On Board Memory to save 2 Lac Records.
  • USB Ports for Standard Computer Keyboard & pen drive.
  • Centronics port for 80 column Dot Matrix Printer.
  • RS232 port for display/GSM modem/ continuous weight transmission.
  • Table top port for connecting external wired displays.
  • Inbuilt wireless trans ‐ receiver (Optional).


  • Initial LCD Display message field settable as weighbridge name.
  • Installation settings secured under engineer login.
  • Engineer login password field settable by authorised OEM.
  • Three types of cornering features available.
  • Smart Calibration.
  • Multi‐step smart calibration.
  • Installation report.
  • Mandi Application feature of Rate, Amount, Binding material deduc‐tion etc.


  • Long Distance between weighbridge room and structure.
  • Lower division size can be obtained, leading to higher accuracy of scale.
  • Special DLC interlocking.
  • Field settable number of load cells, up to 16.
  • Simple and fast Installation.
  • No need of manual cornering using trim ports & calibration with test weights.
  • Automatic fault diagnosis with warning of particular DLC.
  • Installation report.

Salient Features

  • Available to work with pre-calibrated Digital Load Cells.
  • Configuration Upload/download through pen drive.
  • Maximum Utilisable Memory, field selectable up to2 Lac.
  • Barr Overloading feature especially useful for industries.
  • Memory Status Display.
  • Field setting option for Vehicle wise working.
  • USB port for pen drive connectivity (data in .xls format).
  • SMS provision.
  • Field settable pre-printed stationary.
  • Mandi Application features.

Software Features “Weighbridge privilege”

  • Simple process for weighments of Tare/ Gross Vehicle weights.
  • 10 entries in ticket for 25 characters each.
  • 4 code banks for 100 codes each( Flexibility of setting).
  • Field settable header, footer, signature lines.
  • Facility to view/print earlier saved records according to RST no/ Vehicle no.
  • Multiple report option all/summary/filtered/serial no. wise/date wise/time wise.
  • Dumping of report into pen drive to avail softcopy of records (.xls).
  • Field settable Pre-printed tickets.
  • SMS feature in 3 different ways.
  • Net weight printing in words.
  • Mandi Application feature of Rate, Amount, Binding material deduction etc.

Optional Features

  • Confidential Report.
  • Inbuilt wireless for connecting wireless accessories (Junction Box, Extra Display).
  • LED display.

Key Features

  • Corner correction not required*.
  • No Calibration required.
  • No signal attenuation from external environment.
  • Better Accuracy.
  • Long Distance signal communication between weighbridge room and structure (Up to 200 meter).
  • Built In Surge protection.
  • Superior finish with superior Orange cable.
  • No chance of Signals manipulation.
  • Very simple & easy installation procedure.
  • Easy field replace ability.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Rated capacity 30Ton.
  • Protection Class IP68.