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We would like to introduce ourselves as “MEASURONIC” manufacturers and exporters of high quality of Electronic & Digital Industrial Weighbridges, Mobile Weighbridges and Pit Type Weighbridge. All our products offer a complete customized solutions with the basic individual requirements standardized. We offer the most advanced technology to the market at extremely competitive prices. Our emphasis has been on application of Load Cell technology and Process Instrumentation to address various process problems which are so typical as well as rare for every industry.

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Electronic & Digital Weighbridges

“Measuronic Weighbridge” is a specially designed weighbridge with digital load cells. Use of precalibrated digital load cells enables fast installation, service support thus increasing overall productivity and reduction in downtime. Features of weighing, data processing, saving, printing makes it a stand-alone utility for public and industrial weighbridges. “Measuronic Weighbridge” is robust in nature to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It can operate reliably over a wide temperature range and also in humid weather.

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