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Electronic & Digital Weighbridges

Electronic & Digital Weighbridges

“Measuronic Weighbridge” is a specially designed weighbridge with digital load cells. Use of precalibrated digital load cells enables fast installation, service support thus increasing overall productivity and reduction in downtime. Features of weighing, data processing, saving, printing makes it a stand-alone utility for public and industrial weighbridges. “Measuronic Weighbridge” is robust in nature to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It can operate reliably over a wide temperature range and also in humid weather. Measuronic Weighbridge


  • Available to work with pre-calibrated Digital Load Cells.
  • Configuration Upload/download through pen drive.
  •  Maximum Utilisable Memory, field selectable up to2 Lac.
  • Barr Overloading feature especially useful for industries.
  • Memory Status Display.
  • Field setting option for Vehicle wise working.
  • USB port for pen drive connectivity (data in .xls format).
  • SMS provision.
  • Field settable pre printed stationary.
  • Mandi Application features.
  • Confidential Report.
  • LED display.
  • Inbuilt wireless for connecting wireless accessories (Junction Box, Extra Display)