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Intelligent Terminal It-4500

Intelligent Terminal It-4500

IT 4500 is a specially designed weighbridges application intelligent terminal for digital load cells. Use of pre-calibrated digital load cells enables fast installation, service support thus increasing overall productivity and reduction in downtime features of weighing data processing saving, printing makes it a stand-alon utility for public and industrial weighbridges. IT 4500 is robust in nature to withstand harsh environment conditions. It can operate reliably over a wide temperature range and also in humid weather.


  • Sophisticated operation powered by 32 bit ARM processor.
  • High end protection against lightning and surge improved SMPS.
  • Front mount 16×2 LC display and half inch LED display memory of 1 lac data records.
  • RS232 communication for continuous weigh transmission/modem connectivity
  • Pendrive dumping to get data records in softcopy.
  • DOT Matrix Printer connectivity using centronics/USB Port.
  • USB keyboard connectivity
  • Simple process for weighments of Tare/ Gross vehicle weights
  • 10 entries in tickets for 25 characters each
  • Field settable header, footer,signature lines.
  • Facility to view/print earlier saved records according to RST No/Vehicle number.
  • Net weight printing in words.
  • Multiple report option.
  • Dynamic pre-printed sorting
  • Easy installation setup and its restorable backup into pen drive.
  • Multiple SMS features for ease for weighbridge owners and clients
  • Grain market application features of rate, amount, binding particular material deduction.
  • 4 Code Banks with flexibility of settings. • Vehicle type codification for standard weighment charges.

IIT Features:

  • Fraud free – input signal from DLC is in digital form, thus manipulating is not possible.
  • No need to manual cornering using trimpots calibration with test weights.
  • Automatic faut diagnosis with warning of particular DLC.
  • Lower division size can be obtained leading to higher accuracy of scale.


  • Public Weighbridges.
  • Industrial Weighbridges.
  • Toll Ways.

32 Bit ARM Processor

Pen Drive Connectivity

DOT Matrix Printer Connectivity

Printing Output Report

USB Keyboard Connectivity

Extra Display

Seven Segment LED Table Top Display are designed and developed to display weight. These are compatible with all indicator’s parallel port named as table top port


  • Based on Seven Segment LED Technology.
  • Wired connectivity through 5 core cable also available in 23.4 inch size.


  • Public Weighbridges.
  • Industrial Weighbridges.
  • Toll Ways.

Junction Box

Junction box for connecting Digital Load Cell has been designed for inter connecting between DLC’s & IT, it also insures safety of DLC’s. The junction box is constructed using thick MS Sheet and is powder coated to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Protective rubber seal for the lid, airlight cable glands for routing cables ensure provention of moisture and dust ingross thus preventing signal distortion a high quality signal thus obtained offers higher resolution in the constructed weighing scale.

Electricity Protection

Special lightening protection components for protection against transmits induced by line voltage spikes surges and lightning.


  • Public Weigh Bridges.
  • ndustrial Weigh Bridges.
  • Multi load cell scales.


  • Makes weigh scale installation fast and easy
  • Air tight cable glands for load cell cables and output cables to indicator.
  • Protection against high voltage induced by spitos surges and lightening.